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2016 Self-Love Project

How to Receive Help when It’s Uncomfortable

Learning how to receive is a very important skill for someone who couldn’t love themselves. Even for high self-esteem people, accepting help from others could be perceived as a sign of weakness. You want to do everything yourself. You want to be the one...

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7 Things to Remember When You Are Helping Others

Helping others is one of the top ways to increase your happiness and self-love. When you spread love, you are the source of love and that feels good. But sometimes, helping others don’t feel so good. Why is this so? Do you “put on your oxygen mask”...

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Why Are Giving and Receiving Important to Your Growth?

Giving and receiving — which one is easier for you? Some people find it easier to give than to receive, while others would rather be the one receiving than giving. Most people have a preference for one over another. But giving and receiving are equally important. The...

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Being a Highly Sensitive Introvert

How to Be an Introvert in an Extroverted World? (Part 1)

When I was a young introvert and had low self-esteem, I tried to shut people out to protect myself. I knew very early on in life that I am very empathetic and sensitive in nature. But I was afraid that other people might abuse my kind nature, so I kept to myself most...

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What Is the Biggest Challenge Being an Introvert?

Two weeks ago, I went for a job interview and I was asked this question “What is your biggest challenge being an introvert and how did you overcome it?” It was a really interesting question. I had never asked myself this before. And being an introvert, my...

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