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Being Peaceful when the Mind Is Noisy



Yong Kang Chan

Self-Help Author, Mindfulness Teacher, Introvert (INFJ)

Loving Yourself

How to Believe in Yourself when No One Else Does?

You want to make a career change, but your parents don't support you. You have a great idea for something, but others don't think it will work. Whenever you want to do something, people discourage you. Do you always hear this: I don't think you have what it...

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Finding Inner Peace

How to Stay Positive around Negative People?

Do you feel drained being around negative people? Do you wish to distant yourself from them so that you can have a peaceful mind? If you are an empath like me, you have to be careful with whom you surround yourself with because we get easily affected by the energy...

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How to Stop Self-Criticism and Be Kinder to Yourself?

How do you react when you make a mistake? Do you beat yourself up over the mistake? Do you feel guilty and find it hard to accept the mistake? Or do you find ways to correct your mistake and learn from it? As a tutor, I have the privilege to observe how students react...

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Being a Highly Sensitive Introvert

Dear INFJs, Why Are You So Misunderstood?

INFJs are often misunderstood. We are complex. We are different. We are rare. Some people think we are mysterious, while others think we are weird. I don't blame others for not understanding INFJs because, for the longest time, I didn't even understand myself. I...

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Looking for Books to Read?

I love to read non-fiction books which enrich the soul and the mind. My favorite genres are:

  • spirituality,
  • psychology,
  • self-improvement, and
  • business.

Check out the top 10 books I have read in 2016.


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