How to trust your instincts when your mind tells you something else?

I was sitting on the steps of TKTS, not knowing which show should I watched – Orphans or Nice Work if You Can Get It?

A play or a musical?

Looking at Broadway.com for clues and looking at the numerous dazzling billboard signs at Times Square for clues, I was cold and I was miserable. Sitting for about half an hour, I finally “convinced” myself to watch Orphans.

Why I Have Difficulties Making Decisions

This is basically me on a daily basis. I’m a slow decision maker! Every time I have to make a decision about where to eat, what to buy, what to wear etc, there will be millions of thoughts going through my head debating what’s the “best” for me.

“Don’t watch Orphans. It’s a play. You would not be able to comprehend it. And then you won’t enjoy it. You will waste your money and your time. You will regret it!”

Orphans is a drama. It’s too serious. You won’t have fun watching it. Watch something much light-hearted. Something like Nice Work if you can get it instead.”

Logically speaking, if I give you a headphone to plug into my head, you would think that I’ll go for Nice Work if You Can Get It. But the funny thing is I knew that I want to watch Orphans right from the start even before I sat down on the steps of TKTS.

You see instinctively, I knew this is the show I would want to watch and this is the show I can connect with. However, I need to convince my logical mind to believe it too. So it’s not so much about me deciding what to watch. It’s more of me trying to think of ways and reasons to “convince” my mind to listen to my heart.

I don’t know why I would want to watch Orphans. It’s just a gut feel, but if I just force my mind to accept it, it won’t happen.

How I Convince My Mind to Follow My Instincts

So I just sat there in the cold finding reasons and here’s what I came out with:

  1. I’ve not watched a play for the whole trip. Watching a play will add a different experience to all the Broadway musical I’ve watched so far.
  2. Orphans is much shorter. I can join back my group of friends for the night activities earlier.
  3. Orphans starred Hollywood actor like Alec Baldwin. It would be cool to watch him act in person.
  4. According to the website synopsis, there’s some comedy in the drama. It should be well-balanced and entertaining.

In the end, with all these reasons, my logical mind is sold.

I remembered when I bought the discounted tickets at US$69.50 (2nd row from the stage), the noise came back again:

“What have I done? It’s so expensive for a play. I’m not going to enjoy it blah blah.”

At that point, I simply had to ask my mind to shut up and enjoy the show. After that, everything else that follows is just pure gold. Orphans is one of the highlights from my New York City trip!

Learn to Trust Your Instincts

I’m not going to do any reviews of the Broadway shows here. But what I’m trying to say is that sometimes in life when you want to make a decision, be it a career change, a relationship or even like something small such as what to eat, don’t just listen to what your mind tells you or what other people say is good for you.

Feel what you really want to do. It may not make the most sense, but it may be the best thing for you.

Learn to trust your instincts and intuition fully. I’m still learning. Hopefully, I don’t have to sit on the steps feeling cold again.