Last week was a busy week for me, serving my last few days in office as an accountant. Being a creative person that I am, I joked on Facebook that:

“I have divorced accounting, but we are still friends. And now I’m dating animation instead.”

It’s always interesting to look at other people’s reactions when I tell them I’m leaving the accounting industry to pursue animation. Other than starting with the letter “A”, they are pretty much worlds apart to most people. Most would think that accounting requires one to be:

  • logical in their way of thinking,
  • be meticulous,
  • and detailed-orientated.

While for animation, most people think it requires more creativity and ideas.

Well, for most part it’s true, but I don’t 100% agree on this.

You need both sides of your brain to do most things.

The truth is accounting and animation require both sides of your brain. Here’s how I do it.

How to Use Both Sides of Your Brain?

Using the right brain to do accounting

You see, when I was an accountant, I did use a lot of creativity to come up with solutions for new businesses. Whenever there are new businesses, there are also a lot of opportunities to streamline the work processes and systems. Being accountants, we also have to brainstorm ways to account for the new businesses and setting up the accounting processes.

Accounting, contrary to what most others think, is not that straightforward and logical. 

It’s more of an art than a science. As much as we have standards and guidelines to follow, some of the things have to be estimated and interpreted by the accountants. There’s always this grey line in accounting. Some of the entries are debatable, so you have to find a balance between operation efficiency and adhering to the standards.

Using the left brain to do animation

As for animation, when audience looks at the products on-screen, they see the entertainment values of the animated movie. But most people don’t realize that there are a lot of details involved in the making of the animation.

If you take a look at some of my previous posts on the “Personality Sucks” shots, for example this one last week, the idea actually took me less than a week to come out, but the execution of the idea took me weeks. After months of doing the shot, I’m still polishing it. Can you believe it?

And when you are using the animation software, Maya, you need to follow a logical step and workflow, to create the animation. There’s a graph editor function and you have to calculate coordinates for your characters too. This is basically maths! If you don’t tap on your left brain and follow the right steps accordingly, you’ll bound to have mistakes in the production process later on.

Be Both Left and Right Brained

Guess what I am trying to say here is that even though accounting and animation seems so different (and perhaps many other stuff too), they use both your left and right brain.

There’s not need to shut off any side of your brain.

Even though we are conditioned that certain jobs require certain kind of skill set, we can leverage both our left and right brain. The collaboration and exploration of both sides of the brains bring more solutions than single them out.

That’s basically how I came up with the name of the blog.

  • Nerdy = The left brain (the logical side), and
  • Creator = The right brain (the creative side).

And together, I’m called the Nerdy Creator!

Hope you like this post. Later this week, I’ll continue with why I divorce accounting. Some people asks me if it’s because that accounting is stressful. I may not have addressed their queries properly verbally, so I would want to address that in writing.

And I’m going to stop polishing my shot at the moment, as I’m going for my reservist in the army and going to United States after that. Hopefully, I can still squeeze some time here to write a post or two.

Have a great week ahead!


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