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Yong Kang Chan

(aka Nerdy Creator)

About Nerdy Creator

Nerdy Creator is a pseudonym that Yong Kang Chan created when he started blogging in 2013. His mission in life is to spread peace in the world.

He does this by sharing his insights through his books and blog posts and helping individuals be more in touch with their deeper spiritual dimension within. A dimension where peace, love, compassion, wisdom, creativity, and stillness exist.

On this website, you will find resources of various topics such as self-compassion. mindfulness, and personality. These posts are written to help you calm down the incessant noises in your head, open you up to new perspectives, and connect deeper within.

“You can’t change the outside without changing the inside.”
– Yong Kang Chan, Empty Your Cup

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How To Stop Ruminating Thoughts and Be More Peaceful

How To Stop Ruminating Thoughts and Be More Peaceful

Are you constantly ruminating about past mistakes and can't seem to stop your thoughts? Is rumination keeping you awake at night and making you unable to focus at work? Or are you obsessing over someone like your ex after a breakup? Ruminative thinking can lead to...

How to Reparent Yourself and Love Your Wounded Inner Child

How to Reparent Yourself and Love Your Wounded Inner Child

Reparenting is a technique that therapists use to heal deep, psychological wounds, and mental illnesses. It is when the therapist takes on the role of a loving and trustworthy parent so that the wounded inner child residing in our subconscious feels safe to express...

How to Overcome Your Fear of Abandonment

How to Overcome Your Fear of Abandonment

Do you have abandonment issues? Are you afraid that the people you love will leave you? Is your fear of abandonment an ongoing issue for you and your relationship? Do you find yourself becoming needy or even angry when someone you care about shows signs of separation?...

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