Do you feel inferior or not good enough no matter what you do?

You work hard for your career, but you feel that you are not successful enough.

You meet new friends and people, but somehow you feel that they don’t like you.

Or maybe you have tried to improve your confidence and change your negative self-beliefs, but deep down inside you still feel unhappy with yourself.

Why is this so? Why can’t we love ourselves?

Perhaps mindfulness can help.

What Is Mindfulness and What Mindfulness Is Not?

Mindfulness is a state of being aware of our thoughts, our emotions, our bodily sensations, the physical environment and etc. It’s about paying attention to the present moment and not get carried away by our minds or events in our life. To put it simply, mindfulness is a combination of awareness and acceptance.

Mindfulness has its origins in Eastern traditions such as Buddhism. But now, it’s used in therapies too to help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

 Mindfulness is a form of meditation, but not exactly it.

I’m hesitant to call mindfulness a meditation because most people’s impression of meditation is sitting down in a cross-legged lotus position, closing your eyes and breathing. Some people think that meditation is to think deeply about something.

But mindfulness is just the opposite. It’s not about thinking deeply about something. Instead of having more thoughts, you have fewer thoughts. Instead of listening to your automatic thoughts, you notice them and let them go. Mindfulness is about sense perception. It’s about paying attention to what is happening now and not judging it.

There are many forms of meditation. You can sit down to meditate or you can walk as you meditate. You can chant while you meditate or you can be quiet when you meditate. Mindfulness meditation is indeed a form of meditation, but it just one of the many forms of meditation available.

The main difference between mindfulness and meditation is you don’t have to set aside time to practice mindfulness. I’m not saying you don’t have to practice mindfulness. You just don’t have to schedule a specific time for it. Since mindfulness is about being aware, you can practice mindfulness everywhere regardless of what you do and every moment.

So what is the point of mindfulness?

How Can Mindfulness Help Your Self-Esteem?

We can overcome low self-esteem with mindfulness. People who have low self-esteem have a perception error. We are certain that we are inferior and unworthy. We are judging ourselves all the time.

Mindfulness is about accepting what is. It’s about being curious and staying open. When we have negative thoughts about ourselves, we don’t assume that our thoughts are correct. We explore further. In fact, there is no judgment in mindfulness. We are neither good nor bad, we are just who we are at the present moment.

I didn’t find mindfulness. Mindfulness finds me.

When I had depression and contemplated jumping into the river two years ago, mindfulness saved me. It woke me up from my depressive mind. I didn’t even practice mindfulness deliberately. I didn’t even know what it is at that time. It just happened.

I sat down on one of the benches in fear of dying and then I was mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding — trees, flowers, the calm river and the sun. At that moment, I wasn’t thinking about myself and my problem, I was just enjoying the present moment.

Everyone can practice mindfulness at any time. It’s intuitive. Just that we forget how to do it along the way.

What’s Inside Empty Your Cup?

One day, I was contemplating about my life and being grateful for how much I had grown, I saw a pattern and the journey that my mind had gone through. So I decided to write a book to help other people who have low self-esteem too.

Empty Your Cup is a book about the different stages of the mind. It’s about emptying your mind. I used the cup as an analogy for the mind because a cup is something everyone can relate to.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The causes and impacts of low self-esteem
  • How beliefs are formed
  • 6 reasons why changing negative beliefs into positive beliefs is not entirely effective in the long run
  • What mindfulness is and what does mindfulness feel like
  • The differences between the spirit and the mind
  • What spiritual awakening feels like and ways to stay awake
  • How mindfulness can help you love yourself

Can You Help Me?

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