Niagara Falls

I’m back from my one month holiday in the US and Canada! It’s a great trip. Many times during the trip, I wish I could come in here and jot down all my thoughts, feelings and things I have seen and experienced in this trip that inspired me. One of them is the Niagara Falls.

After we have left New York City (see the previous post), we took a flight to Toronto in Ontario to catch this spectacular. What is interesting is that Niagara Falls is straddled between the two cities, New York and Ontario, so you can see the falls from both sides. The view in Canada is touted to be better, so we figure we should visit Toronto too.

As we alighted from our transport and walked towards the falls, we can already see how grand the falls are from afar. There is a park near the falls, called Queen Victoria Park. When we reached the park, the sight is amazing.

There are three falls in total:

  • The largest one, Horseshoe Falls, which is in Canada, lie on our far right from where we are standing.
  • The other two falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, situated in US, are directly opposite us.

We spent a while to soak it all in and took some pictures of the falls.

Why Visit Niagara Falls in Canada?

The park has a long pathway that leads to the Horseshoe Falls, so we decided to explore further. Walking down the path, the view of the falls is constantly changing. We stopped every now and then to soak in all the “new” views of the Niagara Falls.

Each view is interesting and beautiful in its own way. When we reached the Horseshoe Falls, the view is totally different from where we started out. We get to see the falls from the top view. From there, we can see and hear the water gushing down from the falls and feel the mist on our bodies. Seagulls are flying all around the falls. It’s a different kind of beauty.

For the finale, we took a boat ride, Maid of the Mist, to get a closer experience of the Horseshoe Falls. It is a very humbling experience. The falls is majestic and fierce that you feel so small in its presence. You can’t actually see anything much when you are so close to it with all the mist and water in your face, but you can definitely hear and feel the impact of the falls.

So What Does This Gotta Do with Life?

Life is like Niagara Falls. Life is about perspectives. 

Niagara Falls is opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Similar to life, it’s always there and it’s always beautiful.

Perhaps you are on the US side and the view is not as beautiful as the Canadian side. Or perhaps you are at different stages of your life. You see that the fall is grand like your goals but you are far away from it.

Maybe you are at the start of the trail and excited to begin your journey. Or maybe you are at the end of the trail where you can feel the gush of the waterfall and enjoy your success. Or you are in the midst of the boat ride, being washed by the falls and feeling challenged in life.

No matter where you view the falls or your life, they’re beautiful.

If currently you are not getting the view you want or something is not working in life, the fault doesn’t lie on the falls or life itself, remember they are always beautiful.

You are responsible for the view you chose.

You can always move yourself. Take action. Shift to another spot. Walk across the Rainbow Bridge that connects New York to Ontario. Take a flight to Canada from US like us. Things won’t get better if you allow yourself to stuck at the same spot and complain that the view is not good.

It’s All a Matter of Perspectives

All you need to do is to shift your perspective of things. When something or someone “made” you angry, try to change your perspective and look at the situation in another angle. Ask yourself “How do I contribute to my own anger? Am I pissed off with small little things when there’s more important things in life to focus on than this?”

Luckily for us, it didn’t rain too heavily on the day we visit. There’s only slight drizzle and I’m very grateful for that. But come to think of it, would it be that bad if it did rain more? Or if we visit at night?

Hmm… I guess Niagara Falls would still be as beautiful, just a different kind of beautiful.

Hey, it’s just a matter of perspectives!

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