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Spiritual awakenings can come in many forms, and the signs and symptoms vary from person to person.

There may be conflicting signs. One person might feel a sense of connection with a higher power, while another person could experience intense negative emotions.

Reawakening to your true nature can be an exhilarating yet confusing experience. While many people have experienced the same sensations before, it can be difficult to discern whether what you are feeling is indeed a sign of awakening.

Below, I have put together a list of the most commonly encountered signs. It can help you determine if you are going through an awakening. But please note that you may not experience all of the 22 signs.

1. You feel deeply connected to other people, animals, and the Earth.

Experiencing a spiritual awakening can help you feel more connected to everything as you start to see the oneness of all things. You recognize that no matter how different we look from each other or what our backgrounds are, we are all connected. We all came from the same source, and we are in this together.

You may find it easier to connect with nature and animals, as they are more aligned with the spiritual world than humans are. Being in nature is also nice as it can provide a great sense of peace and joy, reminding you of your spiritual self.

2. You develop greater compassion for yourself and others.

As you become more interconnected, you naturally feel more compassion towards others. When they are suffering or struggling, you know that they are doing their best given their current state of awareness. Even when they do something that annoys you, you recognize that their actions stem from their ego and not their spirit. So, it is easier for you to forgive them and empathize with their suffering.

As you become more conscious of the negative self-talk from your ego, you will also be kinder to yourself. This is essential for your personal growth and healing.

3. You want time alone despite feeling more connected with others.

Even though you are more connected with others and have more empathy towards them, the irony is that you may begin to crave more alone time than before. This can be especially true when your loved ones are not spiritually awakened, making it difficult for you to relate to them.

Furthermore, you become more comfortable with yourself and no longer seek approval from others as much, so you don’t mind being alone.

Being alone is also a great opportunity for deep inner work as you take time for self-reflection. That is why you are drawn to solitude.

But if you feel lonely in your spiritual awakening experience, read my book, Reconnect to Love.

4. Your relationships get affected by your sudden change of priorities and interests.

Your need for alone time will change your relationships with your loved ones. They may interpret this as a sign that you are not interested in spending time with them, even though it is just about taking time for yourself.

However, there are many other reasons why a spiritual awakening can bring challenges into one’s relationships. One common reason is that you may have outgrown some of your relationships. As you become more in tune with your true self and change your priorities and beliefs, it is normal to reevaluate your relationships and let go of the ones that no longer serve you.

For more reasons, read my article on why spiritual awakening breaks your relationship.

5. You experience a transformative shift in perspective from the ego to the spirit.

When you are spiritually awakened, you see things in a new light – through your heart rather than your head. Instead of seeing everything through the ego’s lens, you start to view things from a spiritual perspective.

You become less attracted to the material world and develop a greater interest in spiritual subjects, such as energy healing and meditation. You also start to question societal norms and values that you once considered important.

This shift in perspective also changes your energy from being fear-based to being love-based. You begin to focus more on solutions than problems.

6. You let go of your past trauma and focus on the present moment.

Another sign of spiritual awakening is that you become less attached to the wounds and traumas of your past. Instead, you focus more on the present moment and accept what is happening right now without judgment or resistance. This lets go of a tremendous amount of burden from your life, allowing you to move forward with greater clarity and confidence.

You may also find that, after releasing your old traumas, habits, and limiting beliefs, your negative relationships will naturally dissipate. Instead, you may find yourself drawn to certain people or places for no apparent reason. This can be a sign that the Universe is guiding you towards a special soul connection, or even leading you down a path that will bring you closer to your spiritual journey. Pay attention to these feelings and follow where they lead!

7. You feel a shift in the way you perceive reality.

Before your spiritual awakening, your perception of reality is limited to information gathered through your five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. However, following a spiritual awakening, you become receptive to the existence of the energetic realm and recognize that everything possesses an energetic aspect.

Your beliefs about the world may change, and you might find yourself questioning what is real or true. Some of us may even experience altered states of consciousness such as seeing auras, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, sudden bursts of energy, and other phenomena.

Adjusting to a new way of perceiving reality can be disorienting and confusing at first. But once you accept these changes, you can find peace and clarity in your new state.

8. You make unexpected changes in your lifestyle.

Another sign of spiritual awakening is that you may find yourself making unexpected changes in your lifestyle or choices. This might be something as dramatic as quitting your job and traveling the world, or simply deciding to make healthier food choices or switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

These changes may seem sudden and unexpected at first, but they often reflect an inner shift in your values and priorities. Your spiritual awakening has made you want to pursue a life that is more meaningful and aligned with your true self.

9. You have a greater purpose in life and work.

When you have a spiritual awakening, you gain a better understanding of your true purpose in life. This clarity can inspire you and help you make progress in your work or personal life. You will be drawn to meaningful goals that align with your purpose and contribute to the greater good.

You will have the courage to do something that you may not have dared to do before. For example, if you are in a job that is meaningless to you but are afraid to leave, you may suddenly feel a strong urge to quit your job and pursue something more meaningful.

In my case, before my spiritual awakening, I was hesitant to pursue full-time writing because I was worried I couldn’t make a living from it. But after I had been spiritually awakened, I felt so inspired to write that the fear that I had experienced previously seemed so insignificant compared to my calling.

10. You feel very lost and confused.

Sadly, not everyone will feel more purposeful after a spiritual awakening. For some, they feel more lost and confused than ever because everything that has been familiar to them is suddenly gone. Nothing makes sense to them anymore!

You may know that your previous job, relationships, and identities don’t serve you anymore, but you don’t know what to do next. Life may seem meaningless to you because you don’t know who you are anymore and have not established a new identity and priorities yet.

On the other hand, the purpose that your spirit has called you to may be so big that it’s overwhelming. You may feel so small and insignificant compared to the power of this calling that you don’t know how to respond to it. Without proper self-care and guidance to navigate through the process, you may even experience moments of despair or depression.

If you feel depressed in your spiritual awakening journey, you may be exeperiencing a Dark Night of the Soul.

11. You feel the presence of something bigger than yourself.

Before awakening, we tend to be self-centered. However, after becoming spiritually awakened, our perception of ourselves changes. We are no longer confined to our egoistic identity and no longer perceive ourselves as isolated individuals. Instead, we start to sense a greater force or presence that is beyond us, guiding us on our journey.

You may call this God, the Universe, the Source, a higher power, or something else. But whatever it is, it is bigger than what you can comprehend as a human being. This presence may give you a sense of peace and contentment, or it may be overwhelming at times.

12. You become more sensitive to the energy of those around you.

One of the most profound signs of spiritual awakening is an increased sense of sensitivity to energies. When you are spiritually awakened, you become more aware of other people’s energy and how it affects your own. You can feel their presence and their emotions, even if they are not physically present.

This heightened sensitivity can be both a blessing and a curse. While it can be a powerful tool for understanding others and connecting with them on a deeper level, it can also lead to emotional exhaustion from being around too many people. It’s important to learn how to protect your energy and create boundaries when needed.

13. You have a stronger desire to help others.

Before experiencing a spiritual awakening, you may have pursued goals such as earning more money, finding a good partner, advancing in your career, acquiring a large house, or going on vacation. However, once you undergo a spiritual awakening, your values begin to change and you become more interested in helping others. This is because you are starting to move away from ego-driven activities and towards soul-oriented ones.

As you become more aware of the suffering of others, you want to help them in any way you can. This could range from offering emotional support to volunteering your time or donating money to a worthy cause. It can also be as simple as spreading love and light wherever you go, making an effort to bring joy and kindness into people’s lives.

14. You allow others to suffer and experience their own journey.

Even though you are compassionate and have a strong desire to help others, you let them suffer and go their own way. You realize that everyone has their own path. It is not your job to make decisions for them or control how they live their lives, as this would be driven by the ego.

Furthermore, you are aware that every person possesses a spirit that will lead them to awakening eventually. They may have to go through some tough times in order to learn and grow. You recognize the importance of allowing people to suffer, as it can be a powerful tool for learning and transformation.

15. You become more intuitive and trusting of your intuition.

One of the clearest signs of spiritual awakening is an increase in intuitive power. When you are spiritually awakened, you become more aware of your inner voice and intuition. Your sharper gut instinct helps you make decisions more easily and confidently. You become better at identifying when something doesn’t feel right and taking appropriate action.

After your spiritual awakening, you also become a lot more trusting of your intuition. You start to recognize its wisdom and trust the guidance it provides, even if you can’t explain why it has come about.

In my case, I have always been intuitive, but I didn’t always trust my intuition. However, ever since my spiritual awakening, I am more connected with my intuition and I find myself trusting it more. I now act on my intuitive insights with less resistance and questioning. This makes life easier and effortless.

16. You receive spontaneous insights and become more creative.

As your intuition become stronger, you may find yourself having sudden flashes of insight or gaining knowledge without knowing how you got it. These insights often come with a feeling of certainty, and may even provide answers to questions you have been asking yourself.

These spontaneous insights can be incredibly powerful. They can give you insight into situations or help you make difficult decisions. You also become more creative and can use this newfound inspiration to pursue projects and ideas you are passionate about.

If this is something you have experienced since your spiritual awakening, then it is an indication that your intuition is becoming more developed and attuned to the spiritual realm.

17. There is a feeling of being guided.

After undergoing a spiritual awakening, you may feel as if you are being guided in certain directions or that a higher power is looking out for you.

This feeling of being guided may manifest itself in the form of synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences that seem too perfect to be true. These synchronicities can take various forms such as a random song playing on the radio that speaks directly to you, or running into someone you have been thinking about at just the right moment.

You may even feel like someone is speaking directly to you through these synchronicities and guiding you on your spiritual journey.

18. You start to notice synchronicities that you previously had ignored.

As you become more aware of the spiritual realm, you may start to notice signs from the Universe. You may become aware of patterns and connections between seemingly unrelated events, or find meaning in coincidences that might have seemed insignificant before.

Meaningful coincidences can occur when you repeatedly see the same number or experience the same event multiple times. For instance, I once noticed the number “2222” on my clock and a piece of paper, and I interpreted it as a message from the Universe. Since then, I’ve been seeing similar numbers frequently.

19. You experience feelings of deep peace and serenity.

One of the signs that you are undergoing a spiritual awakening is an increased sense of inner peace and serenity. No matter what situation or circumstance you find yourself in, there is an underlying feeling of contentment and calmness. This peaceful state can be experienced during meditation, prayer, or even just moments of stillness.

With this newfound sense of inner peace comes an increased ability to stay grounded and focused in spite of the chaos that may be occurring around you.

20. You are more aware of your emotions, including those intense ones.

As you become more conscious of the spiritual realm, you also become more connected with your emotions. You may start noticing small changes in your feelings that you weren’t aware of before. This happens because, after experiencing the joy of spiritual awakening, any deviation from this state stands out more to you.

Experiencing intense emotions like sadness and anger can also be a part of spiritual awakenings. However, it’s important to note that these emotions are not caused by the awakening itself. Instead, they arise because you are now more conscious of emotions that you may have suppressed in the past. This heightened awareness can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, as well as identify patterns and areas that need healing.

If you only experience positive emotions after your spiritual awakening, this could be a sign of spiritual bypassing.

21. You experience physical changes to reflect your true, authentic self.

As you undergo a spiritual awakening, you may find that your physical body also changes. Physical symptoms vary from person to person and it can be difficult to determine which ones are linked to spiritual awakenings. However, some of the possible changes that you may experience include feelings of lightness in your body, an increase in energy, weight loss or gain, and heightened sensitivity to physical touch and sensations.

These physical changes are usually a result of healing past wounds and being more aligned with one’s true self. For example, I used to have low self-esteem and saw myself as a scrawny, unattractive person. But once I had my spiritual awakening and let go of my egoic identity of being skinny, I gained 10 kg (22 lbs).

You can read more about my story in my spiritual book, Love Your Book.

22. You appreciate small little things.

Another sign of spiritual awakening is that life starts to look more vibrant. You start noticing the small details in nature and find joy in simple pleasures like watching the sunset or simply appreciating how a flower looks.

Your senses also become sharper and you become more aware of your surroundings. This can be an incredibly rewarding experience, as it helps you realize just how much beauty there is in the world and how small your problems really are. These little moments also help to remind us to live in the present moment with an attitude of gratitude.

Final Thoughts

A few of these signs and symptoms may feel like they are contradictions since there are many stages to spiritual awakening. What you experience will depend on the stage of spiritual awakening that you are in.

If you are interested in finding out what stage you are currently in, read my article on the 8 stages of spiritual awakening.

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