Writing my book Fearless Passion has taught me many lessons. One of the biggest lessons I received is not to rush.

Rushing your work, your life, your relationship doesn’t help you get what you want quicker. It only hinders your progress and makes you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. Your mind keeps looping: “Oh no, I don’t have enough time. I need to get this done.” And that distracts and slows you down.

Rushing slows you down!

Many times, when you rush, you are so driven to get to the end that you forget to enjoy the process. You overlook the beauty that is presented in the moment. This post is written to remind you to admire the simple beauties in life when feeling overwhelmed with life.

Here’s what to do when feeling overwhelmed with life.

1. Admire the Beauty of Being Patient

Before I started writing my book, I thought I was a very patient person. As I was writing my book, I realized I was actually pretty impatient. I had my publication date set on 1st of May (my 30th birthday). Later, it was pushed back to 1st July because I couldn’t get enough stories for the book. It was then pushed to 1st September because my editor was only available in July.

I felt rather frustrated then because I love completing tasks and checking things off my list. But at that time, I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t get people to edit faster, give testimonials for my book faster, or reply my emails faster. It was out of my hands. I did what I could do, and now is the time to wait. But I don’t like waiting!

What I fail to see though is I could do something; I could be more patient.

Rushing your goals make you unhappy.

There are many times within the year, I felt so overwhelmed about writing this book that I asked myself: “Why did I write this book?”

But then I realized that it wasn’t the process that made me unhappy. It was me rushing myself to get it complete that caused all the unhappiness. The deadlines I had were self-imposed. It doesn’t matter if my book comes out in May, July or September. My book will eventually come out. Why do I have to pressure myself to follow these self-imposed deadlines? Why not just concentrate on something else for now?

When I realized the beauty of being patient, I felt so much more relaxed and was able to enjoy the “waiting” process.

2. Admire the Beauty of Starting Slow

As a creative person, you probably have tons of ideas and energy coming into a new project. For me, I have a lot of ideas and I want to get things done fast so that I can move onto the next idea.

But the problem with that is every time you rush your projects, you are not spending enough time on building the foundation. And we all know what happens to houses with bad foundation; they tumble easily.

Also, imagine yourself starting a car. Do you slam on the accelerator pedal once you get onto the car? No! You get the car starting slowly and smoothly, then gradually pick up the speed. It’s the same for starting anything. You need to start slow first.

Everyone wants to achieve their dreams fast. But if you start slow and lay a good foundation, you are going to achieve your dream so much faster than someone who doesn’t have any foundation built. The faster the car goes, the harder it is for you to control the car. Get use to the slow speed first.

And that’s why you end up feeling overwhelmed with life.

3. Admire the Beauty of Focus

My friends and my family tell me that I need to focus on my health. I need to focus on my relationship. I need to focus on your financial and so on… And I do understand they are of good intentions, but my career as an animator and an author are relatively new to me. I need to focus on them right now.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to focus on so many areas of your life at the same time.

0816 - Juggle

Let me give you an analogy. What happens when a beginner acrobat start by learning how to juggle 10 balls? He’s most likely to fail, get frustrated with himself and give up. Why? Because he has not learn how to juggle with two balls first. Most people fail because they juggle with too many balls right from the start. You need to be comfortable with managing a few areas in your life before adding new areas to improve.

When you give attention to everything, you are giving attention to nothing.

Plus, if you know that you are starting a new career, why start another thing like a new relationship? You know you won’t be able to commit your time and 100% of your attention to the new relationship. The relationship won’t work out, so why bother having one right now?

All areas of your life are important to your success, but they have different priority at different part of your life. If you spread your attention to too many different areas, you are not giving attention that each area deserve to have. And you will feel overwhelmed easily by all the things you have to do. Each area in your life need the love and care to grow. And you can only do that when you focus.

Feeling overwhelmed with life? Stop wanting everything.

Wanting everything gets you nothing.

Everyone wants to achieve all their dreams and goals as fast as possible. But worrying and wanting it doesn’t get you closer to your goal. When you rush and want everything right now, you get nothing except stress and anxiety. So relax, take it slow and enjoy the three beauties in life as you take action towards your dreams.

Question: Do you have similar experience that you want to get things done quickly and nothing seems to work? Share your experience at the comment section below and your tips to overcome it. And if you like this post, remember to share it with your friends.

[This post first appears on Fearless Passion blog.]

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