Books by Yong Kang Chan

Hi, I’m Yong Kang Chan. Thank you for visiting my book page. I write about self-compassion, mindfulness, and spirituality. I help individuals be more in touch with their deeper spiritual dimension within through my books.

Below are all the books I have written so far (listed by the most recent publication first). Currently, I’m working on my Spiritual Love series.

For inquiries regarding the international rights of my books, please contact my literary agent, Montse Cortazar Literary Agency at [email protected].

Spiritual Love Series

Love Your Body: How to Appreciate Beauty and Wellness Beyond the Physical Form (Spiritual Love Book 2)

Have you ever wondered why two people who have a similar physical appearance or medical condition can have such different lives?

Some people judge themselves constantly and are obsessed with looking perfect, while others exude confidence despite their imperfections.

Some people are depressed by their chronic illness, while others live peacefully despite their disease.

If changing your physical appearance or dealing with your medical condition frustrates you, read Love Your Body. It helps shift your perspective to that of the spirit and pure love.

Reconnect to Love: A Journey From Loneliness to Deep Connection (Spiritual Love Book 1)

Do you feel lonely even when you are with people?

When we are alone and isolated, many of us think we will feel better once we surround ourselves with friends, family, or a romantic partner. We look for someone else to complete us, accompany us, and give us love and attention.

But instead of feeling less lonely, we often end up feeling empty and disappointed. Why is this so? Why does it seem that something is always missing from our relationships?

Read Reconnect to Love to find out how you can feel more deeply connected with others and the world.

Self-Compassion Series

Parent Yourself Again: Love Yourself the Way You Have Always Wanted to Be Loved (Self-Compassion Book 3)

Didn’t get the love you desire from your parents? Still craving for their approval?

From young, we try to impress our parents and make them happy. We behave ourselves and stay out of trouble. We study and work hard to make our parents proud.

Some of us did everything we can to please our parents but yet it’s never enough. They still treat us the same. Why is it so difficult to get our parents to love us?

Read Parent Yourself Again to find out why and how to be your own parent instead.

The Disbelief Habit: How to Use Doubt to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic (Self-Compassion Book 2)

Can’t stop the critical voice in your head? Constantly bombarded with negative thoughts?

From an early age, many of us have this critical voice in our head which we called the inner critic. We have tried many different techniques to get rid of it, but nothing seems to be effective.

Instead of overcoming our self-criticism, we make the inner critic our enemy and blame ourselves for having such self-loathing thoughts. Some of us even feel that beating ourselves up is good for us. But how is that working for you?

Click below to find out the alternative.

Empty Your Cup: Why We Have Low Self-Esteem and How Mindfulness Can Help (Self-Compassion Book 1)

Struggling with low self-esteem? Still feeling inferior, unworthy and not good enough despite all your effort to change?

On the surface, we should be happy. We have all the things we need — a decent job, a stable income, and great friends. We have improved our self-confidence and we thought that we had overcome our low self-esteem issues.

But yet, deep down inside, nothing has changed — we still feel inferior to others. Why is this so? Why don’t we love ourselves?

Read Empty Your Cup to find out why.

Other Books

The Emotional Gift: Memoir of a Highly Sensitive Person Who Overcame Depression

What if depression wasn’t here to cause pain and suffering? What if it was a gift?

At the age of 31, Yong Kang Chan was left with no job, no income and most important of all, no identity. He thought having a job in an animation studio would lead him to the right career path. But an unexpected turn of events led him to depression.

He soon realized depression was a gift too. Depression had taught him some important lessons about being a highly sensitive person (HSP). And so he wrote this book to share these lessons. Are you ready to receive this gift?

Fearless Passion: Find the Courage to Do What You Love

Are you afraid to change career even though it’s making you miserable? You want to leave your job, but you can’t? I know how you feel. I was in the finance industry for years before I made the switch to be an animator.

With Fearless Passion, you’ll learn how to overcome your fears and expose hidden fears that you don’t even know you had. Each chapter begins with a real-life story that inspires you to make the switch.

The biggest mistake is not choosing the wrong career – it’s sticking with a career that makes you unhappy.