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Hey there, you can contact me via my email at: asknerdycreator [at] gmail [dot] com. ( Just replace the [at] with an @ and the [dot] with a . )

But before you do so, please read the following:

1. Requests for Guest Posts

I received numerous emails from bloggers and website owners who asked me to write guest posts on their websites. But due to my day job and projects I’m working on, I can only accept a few.

For a higher chance of getting accepted by me, please let me know the following in your email. It will help me make a better decision.

Please tell me in your email:

  1. List three of my articles and their links that you have read and liked. Tell me why you like them.
  2. List three topics or headlines that you want me to write for your websites. It’ll be good if you could give me examples or samples on your website.
  3. Briefly, describe your websites and your target audience. What are they looking for?

And I do require a short author bio at the end of the guest post that links back to my websites.

2. Infographics for Lifehack

Please do not send me links of your infographics and ask me to pitch to Lifehack. The editorial team in Lifehack does the research and decides which articles to be written and published. I have no control over which infographic to use. Thank you for your understanding.

3. Advice on Finding Animation Jobs

I only worked in the animation industry for six months and I left the animation industry since Feb 2015, so my knowledge of the industry is limited. I don’t think I’m in the position to give new animators career advice. However, you can read my blog posts on the animation industry in Singapore and Malaysia. I wrote them based on my research online.


Nerdy Creator :)