About Yong Kang Chan

Hello, I’m Yong Kang Chan. You can call me “Yong Kang” which is my first name or “Nerdy Creator” which is a pseudonym I used online when I started blogging way back in 2013.

My Mission

I’m a spiritual teacher and writer who lives in Singapore. My mission in life is to spread peace in the world. I do this by sharing my insights through my books and blog posts and helping individuals be more in touch with their deeper spiritual dimension within. A dimension where peace, love, compassion, wisdom, creativity, and stillness exist.

When we feel at peace with ourselves, it will affect the people around us. Thus, creating a ripple effect and a more peaceful environment for everyone to live in.

I’m not a peace activist though. You’ll never see me fighting or campaigning for a cause because I don’t believe in fighting. Fighting puts people in opposing parties. I prefer peace and harmony. I enjoy harmonizing the different viewpoints so that various parties can understand each other instead of opposing each other.

I believe in the power of stories and words.

Storytelling is the best way to communicate important, universal messages without isolating anyone. Stories make us reflect on ourselves and our lives. They help us understand a different point of view. They give us the space to learn. And that’s why I often share my personal stories and what I learned from my experiences in my books and blog posts.

Even though words are limiting and can never capture the full essence of spirituality and emotions, they are still a great starting place to point us to our deeper self within.

About This Website

The motto of this website is: Calm Your Mind, Awaken Your Spirit.

Although my role as a spiritual teacher and writer is to point people to their spiritual essence, more often than not, it’s not possible to write about the spirit without talking about the mind at the same time. It’s only with contrasts that one can tell their difference.

Furthermore, not everyone has direct experience with the spiritual dimension yet. By writing about the problems we commonly face as humans and sharing a deeper, spiritual perspective, I can introduce people to spirituality while offering them some momentary relief.

I help other people see the spiritual perspective

so that they feel loved, understood, and peaceful. 

So on this website, you will find resources of various topics such as self-compassion. mindfulness, low self-esteem, and INFJ personality. All of these posts are written to help you calm down the incessant noises in your head and open you up to new perspectives so that you are one step closer to your wise, spiritual self within.

I love to read too. On this website, you will find my favorite books for each year. These are also other books that I recommend or research based on different authors and subjects.


Why I Share My Personal Experiences

Growing up, I had low self-esteem and I never truly felt connected with anyone. When I was a kid, I often wrote to myself as a way to cheer myself up and to gain deeper perspectives. When I started blogging, I received many comments from readers telling me they share the same experience as me and I feel very touched.

Imagine your story could help someone…

That’s when I realized my writing can lift someone up when they are down. People receive new insights and learn something valuable about themselves through my self-reflection. So I started writing more about my personal experiences.

Actually, I am a very quiet and private person. If you know me in person, you would seldom hear me speak. If it’s not for the kind comments I received from all the readers, I might have given up on writing a long time ago. I’m truly blessed and grateful for all the kindness I receive.

Most people prefer to share their successes rather than their failures. But sharing my personal experiences is not only a way for me to connect with others, but it was also a way for me to pay the kindness I receive forward.

How I Became a Spiritual Writer

I started this website in February 2013 to write about my experiences as an animation student. This website has gone through many transformations like how my life has transformed drastically.

I began my career as an auditor and then an accountant, but I felt very unfulfilled. I wanted to do something more creative and less routine. So I ended up studying animation part-time while working as an accountant. But after I completed my animation studies, I didn’t apply for an animation job immediately. Instead, I saw a program by Jack Canfield and I started writing my own book.

In September 2014, I published my first book, Fearless Passion, to inspire others to do what they love as I went to Malaysia and worked as an animator for 6 months. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The animator is not a good career fit for me and I returned to my ex-company to help design their accounting system.

It took me a long time to commit to this path as a writer. 

It was only after going through a depression that I had the courage to pursue a career in writing. Two months into the depression, I had a spiritual awakening and I shared my experience in my second book, The Emotional Gift.

After the book was published in Mar 2016, I began writing more about self-love and low self-esteem. I created the Self-Love Project in 2016 for this blog and created the Self-Compassion Series for my next three books. In 2017, I also started writing about INFJ and sharing my insights and experience as someone who has this personality.

However, in November 2019, I have a deeper calling to go a little deeper and write about spirituality. While writing my sixth book on loneliness, Reconnect to Love, I realized that this book needs a more spiritual approach than a psychological approach. So I decided to be a spiritual writer and start a brand new series called the Spiritual Love series.

I’m currently still tutoring students, but I hope to be a full-time writer someday.

What I Believe in

All experiences help us grow.

I believe there are lessons to be learned from each experience. I believe in…

  1. Treating everyone with love, acceptance, and kindness, despite our differences.
  2. Continuous learning and personal growth.
  3. Doing what we love.
  4. Having the freedom to create.
  5. Making things simple and easy to use.

If you believe in what I believe, be part of my community below: