I help people change perspectives on their life,

so that they feel loved, understood and peaceful. 

Hello, my name is Yong Kang Chan, best known as Nerdy Creator online. I’m a mindfulness teacher, self-help author and book lover who lives in Singapore. I’m an introvert (an INFJ to be specific).

If you are also…

  • a highly sensitive person (HSP),
  • an introvert,
  • a writer,
  • a book lover, or
  • a peace lover.

… you would love it here!

You’ll never see me fighting for a cause because I don’t believe in fighting. Fighting puts people in opposing group. I prefer peace and harmony.

Being an introvert, I rather share my insights using blog posts and books. Letting others reflect on their own when they are ready. Giving them the space to learn and accept a different point of view.

How I Became a Mindfulness Teacher

I used to have low self-esteem growing up.

When I was in school, I didn’t love myself much. As an introvert, my inner critic gave me a hard time for not connecting better with my peers. I kept having negative self-talk such as “I’m not good enough” and “No one wants to talk to me.” Furthermore, not knowing that I am an INFJ at that time, I never understood why I was so different from others.

This carried on till I was working on my first job as an auditor. I had the same problem with my colleagues. Even though I was an adult and my communication skills had improved, I still felt lonely and disconnected with others. I was so frustrated with myself that I began reading self-help books, watching video and paying for courses online to get my low self-esteem fixed.

And it worked.

I changed my negative beliefs and thoughts.

I adopted a more positive outlook towards myself and life. For the next six years, I didn’t have major issues with my self-esteem and I was able to focus on my work. I even wrote my first book, Fearless Passion and changed my job from an accountant to an animator.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. A few months in as an animator in Malaysia, I realized my job wasn’t as meaningful as I thought it was. I returned to Singapore feeling lost and didn’t know what to do. It took me another year, an unhappy incident and depression to realize what to do next. If you want to know more about what happened, you can read my memoir, The Emotional Gift.

My experience with depression led me to mindfulness.  

Now on hindsight, having depression for two months is really a blessing in disguise. It changed my life. That day, when I was at the river contemplating whether I should jump down, my spirit was awaken. And after reading a look of books on spirituality, I finally understood what mindfulness is all about.

Ever since, I became a mindfulness teacher, sharing insights on self-compassion and mindfulness via books and blog posts.

About Nerdy Creator

Nerdy Creator is a nickname I had for myself way back when I started blogging about animation in Feb 2013. I wanted something easier to remember than my name, Yong Kang Chan.

  • “Nerdy” stands for the analytical and logical side of my mind, while
  • “Creator” stands for the creative part of my mind who is always thinking about the future.

Both of these traits aren’t really helpful when it comes to being in present and mindful. However, if I could be mindful and love myself despite the noises in my head, anyone can too.

You can be peaceful even if you have a noisy mind.

I never see my mind as an enemy. Yes, sometimes it can say nasty things about me. It has certain habits and reacts accordingly to old conditioning. But it can be trained to be kinder, calmer and quieter.

This is what this website is about. If you have low self-esteem or you find it hard to love and accept yourself unconditionally, then this is the website for you. Let’s learn how to be more peaceful and compassionate together.

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This blog exists because of YOU.

I started blogging in Feb 2013. And if it’s not for the kind comments I received from you all, I would have given up writing a long time ago. I’m especially touched whenever someone said they could relate to my experience.

Being an introvert who used to have low self-esteem and feel like an outcast. To feel this connection with others on this blog, I’m truly blessed. :)

When I was young, I used to write a lot to myself to cheer me up. Now, I hope my writing can lift someone up when they are down.

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