Resources: Best Mindvalley Courses

A few years back, I had the vision to create an online school that teaches topics not taught in traditional schools. For example, topics such as finding your purpose, dealing with emotions, overcoming negative self-talk, and creating a business. These are the things I wanted to learn but didn’t when I was in school. I had to learn it through my own experiences and suffering.

So I wrote down my ideas for this school and chucked them aside.

And guess what? 

This school already exists. It’s called Mindvalley.

In 2018, I found Mindvalley and took my first quest, Awaken the Species, by Neale Donald Walsch. Since then, I started using Mindvalley almost every single day and have taken more than 30 quests from Mindvalley.

Mindvalley Review


Mindvalley is a personal growth learning platform, founded by Vishen Lakhiani. But what separates Mindvalley from most educational platforms is its active and supportive community. It’s like being in a virtual school or university where you get to meet like-minded friends. Members create their own circles and meet up regularly online or in-person on their own too.


Also, unlike some courses where you just sit down and receive information, Mindvalley’s courses have daily missions for you to complete. It could be something simple like self-reflection or something that stretches your comfort zone. Instead of using the word “course”, Mindvalley replaces it with the word “quest” to signify the transformation journey you will go through by embarking on the quest.


What I love about Mindvalley the most are their curated teachers and the structure of their quests. Most of the programs are broken down into small chunks of 10 to 30 minutes daily video over a period of 30 days. Everyone can schedule some time to watch the video.


Aside from content, the design of the platform and the courses is aesthetically pleasing too. I have used several learning platforms before such as Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable. I find that Mindvalley has the most beautiful, user-friendly, and intuitive interface. You can access it on the desktop, mobile, or tablet, and even Apple TV.

10 Best Mindvalley Courses to Take

There are various quests for your mind, body, and soul. There are also various topics on entrepreneurship, career, relationships, and parenting. 

It’s difficult to choose ten only. I choose based on my personal favorites which are mostly from the soul category. They are also those I use and revisit frequently or have the biggest impact on my life.

Scroll down and see which quest resonates with you the most.

Disclosure: Please note that the links below are affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase, but it will be at no additional cost to you.

1. Duality by Jeffrey Allen

As an INFJ and empath, I already have access to my intuition and a good grasp of what other people are feeling. But for the longest time, I just use my gifts intuitively. I’ve never learned how to use my gifts in a beneficial and systematic way. This quest opens me up to the possibility of how I could use and strengthen my intuition.  

My favorite part of this course is in week 4 where we learn about empathy and healthy personal boundaries. I have a tendency to match other people’s emotions and energy unconsciously. After completing this quest, I’m more aware of my “seniority” in terms of energy space and learn to adjust my aura depending on the situation.

If you are someone who tends to be creative and head in the clouds like me, this course will also help you to be more grounded in your body and gain mental clarity.

2. Money EQ by Ken Honda

Do you struggle with money despite working hard? If so, this is the quest for you.

I love this course because it provides a Zen and peaceful approach to managing money. Most courses teach you how to make more money, which is the IQ side of money. But this course is about having a healthy relationship with money and changing your perception of money. It’s about the EQ side of money. 

Instead of earning money that causes us stress or fear (i.e. “unhappy money”), we want to make “happy money”, money that makes people smile and feel loved. In this quest, you will also learn your money type and understand your money blocks and wounds that prevent you from receiving or keeping money.

3. Experience Lucid Dreaming by Charlie Morley

Before this quest, I didn’t know what lucid dreaming is. I also didn’t know that it can be used to integrate trauma and shadow, rewire your brain, or use as a spiritual practice.

Lucid dreaming is a dream in which you know that you are dreaming as the dream is happening and it’s a learnable skill. Within one month of the quests, I had two lucid dreams. Ever since I’ve been writing my dreams down in my journal and I became more aware of my repressed emotions.

If you want to gain powerful insights and heal your subconscious block in a fun manner, I would recommend this quest because Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Taking this quest made me feel like a kid again!

4. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with David Feinstein

If you want to improve your overall health and happiness, this is the course for you.

Most of us focus on the physical aspects of our health such as dieting and doing exercises. But this quest focuses on tapping into our body’s natural healing systems. In this quest, you will learn nine energy systems, including meridians, chakra, and aura. 

Practicing the techniques in this quest can help you to work with pain, relieve stress, strengthen your immunity and increase your vitality. For example, every morning, I practice the Daily Energy Routine (DER) to keep a healthy balance of energy and it makes me feel refreshed, grounded, and joyful.

5. Superbrain by Jim Kwik

Do you tend to forget names, birthdays, or the things you have just learned? If so, this is the quest for you.

This course is designed for people who want to tap into the limitless potential of their brains. Take this quest if you want to improve your memory, have better focus, and be more effective in learning anything.

What I love about this quest is the instructor provides a number of different tips and techniques to help you remember and retain what you have learned. His techniques can be used for different contexts such as preparation for an exam, learning foreign languages, and public speaking. There’s something for everyone.

6. Lifebook Online by Jon & Missy Butcher

Do you feel lost in your life? Are you living your life or somebody else’s life?

This quest helps you to design and plan your life according to your vision. It helps you to organize your life into 12 different categories.

Most of us tend to focus on one area of our life and neglect the rest. You might find yourself working hard for your career and finance but your health or relationships suffer as a result. What’s great about this quest is it helps you to align various parts of your life to one single vision. If you have a goal for your career but it is contradictory to your relationship goal, then no matter how hard you try, you will find it difficult to satisfy both goals. 

So if you want a quest to help you gain clarity on your life vision, this is for you.

* This quest is a standalone, partner program and it’s not part of Mindvalley’s All Access Membership.

7. Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols

This is the quest that I was most active and committed to. I did most of the exercises and even posted my videos on the community page. Previously, I had some anxiety around public speaking, so I was looking forward to overcoming it.

What I gain most out of this course is now I can just record myself speaking without planning exactly what I had to say. In the past, I often edit and add things that I forgot to say as I speak. This confuses the listeners. Now, I’m better at speaking spontaneously.

This quest is not just about public speaking. It’s about finding your own authentic voice and discovering what kind of speaker you are. It’s also about speaking your truth and sharing your story to inspire others.

8. Life Visioning Mastery by Michael Beckwith

Do you feel dissatisfied with where your life is heading? Or do you feel a need to change your direction in life?

This quest isn’t your typical goal-setting or visualizing course. It goes beyond your intellect and digs deeper into your soul. What we visualize often comes from other people and society and they don’t serve us. In this course, you learn how to bring out the deeper purpose within you that is eager to be born.

You will learn to recognize the four stages of spiritual growth and ask empowering questions to receive inspiring answers. If you want to manifest your dreams and transform your consciousness, this quest is for you.

9. The Silva Ultramind System by Vishen Lakhiani and José Silva

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of Mindvalley. He credits The Silva Method as the foundation for his personal growth journey and many of his personal breakthroughs. Through this quest, he re-introduces The Silva Method to a new generation of students, so more people can awaken their mind’s fullest abilities. 

What I like about this course is it opens me up to the possibilities of what my intuition can do. Growing up, I used my intuition “intuitively”. It’s great to learn new techniques and different ways of how I could use my intuition.

In this quest, you learn how to project your consciousness onto plants, animals, and other humans to heal yourself and others. You also learn how to detect hidden information from psychometry, and solve your problems and turn them into projects. Sounds weird but it’s actually pretty fun!

10. Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon

This quest used to be a standalone program but now it’s part of the membership. When it was first added to the membership program, I was so eager to join this quest.

Unlike Money EQ which focuses on the wealth mindset, this quest goes even deeper into the spiritual, energetic level of abundance. It’s about seeing money as energy and releasing any stories we have that prevent us from being wealthy.

In this quest, you will find 24 unique abundance blocks and sessions to release each block. As per the instructor, most of us have about 10 of these blocks. You can pick and choose which session resonates with you and do it first. But if you are unsure, there’s a quiz in the quest that will help you find out your biggest blocks to abundance.

Mindvalley Membership

If you find it too costly to buy the individual quests, you can sign up for their membership like I did. Previously known as the Mindvalley All-Access, this membership allows you to take most of the courses in Mindvalley at a discounted price.

Click here for a 7-day trial to find out more about the membership and the programs available.