There is a scene in the movie, Shrek 2, where Princess Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey are on a journey to The Kingdom of Far Far Away. Donkey who can’t keep still keeps repeating:

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

We laugh because it’s funny to see Donkey annoy Shrek.

But in our own life, we do the same. Most of us have this impatient approach towards life too, especially those living in fast-paced cities. We kept asking ourselves:

  • When will I get rich and retire?
  • When will I meet someone I love?
  • When will I be healthy again?
  • When will I be successful?
  • When will my dreams come true?

It’s good to have goals, but checking in on our goals excessively doesn’t help. It’s like Donkey asking “Are we there yet?” every other minute.

Nature never rushes. Be patient and trust life. 

Some things take time, especially the good things. If you think about nature, it never rushes. Flowers take time to bloom. New season comes only every three months. An unborn child needs to stay in their mother’s womb for nine months before he or she is ready to be delivered.

And life never fails us. Every morning, the sun rises and we have light.

So why not be patient and trust the timing of your life?

Following the River Called Life

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I have watched and listened to several videos and audio using rivers to describe life.

Rivers always flow downhill. This is nature. Gravity pulls the water down. When you surrender and follow the flow down, life is easy. There’s no need for you to paddle. Perhaps just some steering here and there to avoid the rocks. But not much action is needed from you.

However, if you paddle upstream, you are creating extra work for yourself. You are working hard for nothing. First, it’s against the flow of the river. Second, you are exerting unnecessary energy and force.

Trusting life is to believe that the river will lead you to somewhere beautiful.

Rivers are meant to flow from a higher ground to a lower ground. Fighting against them is fighting against nature. Let life do most of the work for you. Let go of wanting to control the outcome. The river will bring you to somewhere beautiful eventually.

You Don’t Have to Try So Hard

A week ago, there was a day where I felt totally relaxed and peaceful. I was in so much peace that my mind felt uncomfortable. My mind needed problems to solve. And I had none. So it tried to create one:

“You seem unmotivated. There’s nothing for you to do. Is this the life you want?”

I went blank for a moment. Then, my intuition replied, “Yes.” My mind always wanted me to keep pushing, fighting and doing stuff.

But hard work doesn’t always equal results.

Now that I’m a tuition teacher. I need to find my own students to earn a living. Every time, I tried to find new students online, I hardly get any. But when I did nothing, students would appear out of nowhere. So far I had nine students, only two of them were assignments I actively applied for. The rests are recommendations from agents, friends, and neighbor.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you don’t have to do anything. I still have to leave my profiles with the agents and let my friends and neighbor know that I’m a tutor. But the universe does most of the work, not me.

I just let life does its magic.

Babies Have Nothing to Do

I was reading this spiritual book, The Shift, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. There’s one part where he talks about babies which I find very interesting and enlightening.

We live in our mother’s womb for nine months and there’s nothing for us to do. Nothing for us to own, nothing for us to fight and nothing for us to worry about. From no heartbeat to have heartbeats. From no brain to have a brain. We rely on our mother’s umbilical cord and surrender to the nurturing process.

So where did all our trust for life went to when we grew up?

It’s Natural.

In the midst of getting all the stuff we want, we usually neglect a very important person — ourselves.

When we try so hard to do this, do that, get this, get that, our initial intention is to be happy. But what most of us don’t realize is that our natural being is already at peace, happy and fulfilled. Getting more things doesn’t make us happy for long.

Sure, pursue your goals. But don’t blame life or anyone else for not giving what you strive for. Treating the world like your enemy is fighting against the downward current. You are creating your own suffering.

Life loves us. Surrender to this benevolent force.

Life gives you what you want, but it knows when you are ripe to accept the gifts. Be patient and trust life as you pursue your goals. Love yourself in the process. Faith is not something exclusive for the religious. It’s something that comes naturally when we love.

So why is it important to be patient and trust the timing of your life?

Because it’s natural.

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