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As an INFJ, your journey into spirituality may be unique, profound, and intensely personal.

INFJs are curious and introspective. We often find ourselves asking questions about the hidden depths of life.

It is not just about seeking answers to life’s deeper mysteries but about understanding our inner world and its connection with the universe.

In this blog post, let’s explore the spiritual inclinations of INFJs and their quest for existential understanding. But first, let me share my spiritual awakening experience.

My Spiritual Awakening Experience as an INFJ

My spiritual journey began when I searched for a greater purpose in my career. Initially, I worked in the finance industry, but soon realized there was more to life than just financial gain. This realization led me to leave my position as an accountant and pursue a career in animation.

However, I soon discovered that animation wasn’t my true passion and it failed to provide the fulfillment I desired. This left me feeling lost and eventually led to a period of depression and existential crisis. Experiencing spiritual depression, commonly referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul, was a profound awakening for me. It made me realize that my sense of identity was attached to my career.

After I had my spiritual awakening, my perspective shifted dramatically. I began to view life through a spiritual lens rather than an ego-driven one. I also learned to place greater trust in my intuition, allowing it to guide my decisions and actions.

Is INFJ Spiritual?

Not all INFJs are spiritual, but it is often believed that INFJs are among the most spiritually inclined types. This is mainly due to our dominant function, Introverted Intuition (Ni). Unlike sensory dominant types, we enjoy exploring beyond the physical and tangible aspects of life. We possess this ability to sense and perceive things beyond what is visible or audible. This unique capability allows us to gain profound insights into the unknown or into the future. It also helps us establish a deep connection with a higher power. It is our openness to explore spirituality that sets us apart.

From an early age, we find ourselves questioning the true purpose of life, leading us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Deep within, we know that there is more to our existence than mere material pursuits. This innate curiosity and our search for more meaning in life give us a headstart in exploring the realms of spirituality. For other types, they may have to reach a midlife crisis before they start questioning their purpose in life.

Moreover, many INFJs are empaths. We tend to be very sensitive to energies that are not visible, such as the vibrations of other people and our environment. This heightened awareness allows us to experience life on a deep, spiritual level. It helps us to sense the interconnectedness of all things and understand others more deeply on an energetic level.

The Unique Spiritual Journey of INFJ

Spirituality is not exclusive to INFJs. Every MBTI type can be spiritual. However, our personality types do affect our spiritual path and inclination.

For INFJs, our spiritual journey is often deeply personal. Our intuition guides us towards specific activities and beliefs, without the need for external authority figures. Even if we identify with a religious affiliation, we typically strive to comprehend the fundamental nature of the faith, rather than simply adhering to its doctrines and rituals.

INFJs are imaginative and big dreamers. Many of us are drawn to metaphysical concepts like the law of attraction and energy healing. Especially for Type 4 INFJs, our intuition and open-mindedness, often lead us to embrace esoteric practices such as astral projection, past-life regression, and mediumship. We have a unique connection to the divine and a strong belief in divine intervention.

INFJs also enjoy self-reflection and self-discovery. Some of us become more spiritually aware when we take the time to go inward and explore our inner world. We often find solace in meditation, journaling, or other contemplative practices that help us become more mindful and connected to ourselves. The search for our life’s purpose can drive us toward a spiritual awakening too, as illustrated in the story I shared earlier.

In summary, INFJs are mostly drawn to:

  • Metaphysical Spirituality: We are open to seeing things beyond the physical.
  • Humanistic Spirituality: We enjoy self-reflection and learning more about ourselves.
  • Philosophical Spirituality: We think deeply about life and our purpose.

Read my article about the 7 main spirituality types to learn more about each of them.

7 Tips for INFJ Exploring Spirituality

1. Listen to the quiet small voice inside.

Choose spiritual practices that resonate with your intuition and soul. Your inner voice can be a powerful source of guidance and wisdom. Spend time in silence to connect to your intuition so that you can hear it more clearly.

INFJs have a tendency to engage in excessive thinking at times. Meditation and mindfulness are good practices to quiet the mind and be in the present moment. Not only do they help INFJs to relax their bodies and minds but they also help us to tune in to our inner voice.

2. Strike a balance between spirituality and practicality.

Pursuing a spiritual path is important for INFJs, but don’t forget about the physical realm. Every aspect of life, including material possessions like money, carries an energetic component.

Neglecting practical matters can lead to stress and anxiety, potentially derailing your spiritual practice. So find a balance between the material and spiritual realms for a more fulfilling life.

3. Try spiritual practices that are more grounded in the physical world.

In addition to the previously mentioned spiritual paths, INFJs can also engage in spiritual practices that enhance presence and grounding. For example, we can go for a hike in nature, listen to the birds chirping, observe animals, or watch the sunset.

INFJs often feel a strong connection with nature, so appreciating nature’s beauty can easily help us stay grounded and connected to the divine. Body-based spirituality such as tai chi and breathwork can also contribute to a sense of inner peace and harmony within ourselves.

4. Find an outlet for your creative expression.

INFJs are naturally creative and imaginative. We tend to be drawn to creative pursuits like art, writing, dance, and music. These activities can be spiritual too as they allow us to express ourselves on a deeper soul level. They also help us tap into our intuition and connect with the divine in unique ways.

5. Read spiritual books to widen your perspective.

INFJs love reading and books are a great way to expand your knowledge and learn about different spirituality types. There is an abundance of texts out there that explore spirituality, philosophy, and self-reflection. Some recommendable books include The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

Explore a wider range of books by delving into my articles featuring various spiritual reading lists.

6. Connect with others who are also exploring spirituality.

Embarking on a spiritual journey can sometimes feel isolating. Furthermore, INFJs crave meaningful connections, so finding like-minded people to share our spiritual journey with can be truly invaluable. It not only enriches our understanding of spirituality but also nurtures our souls.

To forge these connections, consider joining a group or attending spiritual classes online and in person. Engaging with fellow spiritual seekers enables us to exchange ideas, deepen our insights, and gain support.

7. Understand that your spirituality is an ever-evolving journey.

Your spiritual journey is an ongoing process of self-discovery. It is ok not to have all the answers now. As you explore, learn, and find your way around the spiritual realm, remember to be kind and patient with yourself. Avoid over-analyzing your spiritual experiences or obsessing over finding your life purpose.

Take time to pause and reflect on what you’ve learned, and allow your path to unfold naturally. Maintain discipline in your spiritual practice while remaining open to intuitive impulses and adjust when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Exploring spirituality helps bring INFJs closer to a deeper understanding of ourselves and enables us to live more authentically. By cultivating a spiritual practice that resonates with us, we can become more connected to our inner world and thus live more meaningful lives.

If you are new to spirituality and unsure how to start, here are 7 ways to ignite a spiritual awakening.