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When you undergo a spiritual awakening, you may feel like everything in your life is changing, including your relationships.

Sometimes, this change can result in losing the people closest to you or having unwanted conflict with friends and family members. Though it may be tough to accept initially, this is a common experience that many people go through.

However, once you understand why this happens, it can help you find peace and continue on your spiritual journey.

So in this blog post, we will explore 7 reasons why spiritual awakening might break your relationships.

1. You are drastically different from your usual self, and this confuses people close to you.

As you become more in tune with yourself spiritually, you may find that your priorities and values shift. Things that once mattered to you may no longer be important, and this can have a significant impact on your relationships.

For example, if you used to spend most of your time socializing or chasing after material possessions, you may now prefer to spend your time in solitude or doing things that nourish your soul. It can be difficult for the people around you to adjust to these changes, and they may not understand why you are no longer interested in the things you once were.

People who are used to you being a certain way will find it difficult to relate to you, and eventually, they will distance themselves from you.

2. You want to talk about your spiritual experiences, but you find it difficult to explain them to others.

When you experience a spiritual awakening, it can bring up many emotions and new insights that you may not know how to express.

You may feel the urge to talk about your spiritual journey with friends and family members, but they might have difficulty understanding what you are going through. This can create tension between you and those closest to you due to their lack of knowledge on the subject. Getting them to understand your point of view will only make you feel lonelier, more frustrated, and less understood.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening, you may feel inclined to engage in more profound conversations. However, your loved ones may not be interested in such topics, especially if they are not spiritually aware. Therefore, you may have fewer things to talk with them or spend less time with them.

3. You are more selective about who you spend time with.

As you become more in tune with your emotions and the energy around you, you become more selective about whom you spend your time with. Spending time with people who don’t share your beliefs or who drain your energy may no longer interest you.

For example, you may avoid people who are constantly negative or gossiping about others or those who have too much drama and problems in their lives. While this is a healthy boundary to set, you may end up ending relationships that do not serve you.

Spiritual awakening can also change your perception of love and relationships. You may no longer be content with surface-level connections or relationships that don’t help you grow. Instead, you may be attracted to deeper, more meaningful connections with people who share your values and beliefs. This can be difficult for friends and family members to understand, and they may feel like they are no longer enough for you.

4. You become more comfortable with yourself and feel an increased desire for solitude.

As you awaken spiritually, you become more in tune with your authentic self and learn to accept all parts of who you are — including the good and the bad. This increased sense of self-awareness allows you to be comfortable with yourself without relying on external validation from others. Your friends and family members may feel neglected or unneeded, especially if they had a codependent relationship with you.

For example, in the past, I struggled with low self-esteem and would often be too accommodating to others. However, since I started trusting my intuition and stopped seeking validation from others, my relationships with others have shifted and are no longer the same.

During a spiritual awakening, individuals often experience a need for solitude and introspection as well. They may need more time alone to explore their inner world, meditate, or engage in spiritual practices. This increased need for solitude can be mistakenly interpreted as withdrawal or disinterest in relationships, leading to feelings of neglect or abandonment by loved ones.

5. Your massive changes and growth may repel your current friends and family members.

During a spiritual awakening, you become more aware of the role ego plays in your relationships and how it can lead to unhealthy dynamics.

As you release your old relationship issues and negative habits, your energy shifts and you start to have a better aura. Some people may naturally fade away from your life because your energy is not compatible with them anymore.

For example, individuals who have a negative mindset and are previously attracted to you will no longer be drawn to you. They are not getting the validation they want from you, so they are seeking validation from others. But this is a good thing as you will start to attract new individuals who share your positive energy.

6. You may experience judgment or criticism from people who once loved you.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be supportive of your spiritual journey, and you may experience judgment or criticism from those around you. Some people may view your new beliefs as strange or unconventional, and this can create tension and conflict. Others may be threatened by your growth and feel like they’re losing control, which can cause them to lash out or try to hold you back.

Their judgment and criticism may hurt you deeply or cause you to respond with resentment. But it’s important to remember that people are often fearful of new and unfamiliar things, and their behavior is merely a manifestation of their scared egos. While it may still hurt, being mindful of their underlying fears can ease conflict.

To protect yourself from judgment, you may also choose to keep your spiritual experiences private. However, this could make you feel as though you cannot be authentically yourself with people you care about. It can be especially difficult if you can’t be fully honest about your experiences with a spouse.

7. You just don’t want to be reminded of your old self, which doesn’t exist anymore.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening, your ego may have dissolved and you are no longer the same person as before. However, even though you have changed, others may still treat you as they did in the past, which can be frustrating in various ways.

First, it can be difficult to move forward when you are constantly reminded of your past self, which no longer resonates with you. Second, this can hinder spiritual growth. Third, it may feel strange to interact with old friends using your new self, so you may end up avoiding them.

Relationships are formed between two people based on a snapshot of who they are at that time. If they don’t update their perspective of you, this relationship will no longer work.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual awakening can be a beautiful and transformative experience, but it can also be challenging and lonely at times. Although adjusting to these changes can be difficult, remember that this is a natural part of the growth process. Trust that the people who are meant to be in your life will stick around, and take comfort in knowing that you are on the path to living your most authentic life.

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