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For people who have just experienced a spiritual awakening, the road ahead can be exhilarating. However, it is essential to understand what to expect after the initial bliss and excitement subside.

Even though everyone will experience a different journey, there are several common themes that emerge post-awakening.

In this blog post, we will explore what happens after a spiritual awakening and offer you guidance on how to navigate and cope with these transformative experiences.

7 Shifts After You Are Spiritually Awakened

1. You are ready to embark on a new journey.

Once you experience a spiritual awakening, it marks the transition from an old life to a new journey. While the beginning and end of a spiritual awakening might not always be easily defined, there is a feeling of completion. It feels like a rebirth, where something ends and something new begins.

Some of us may continue to seek solitude and embrace the blissful state of being. We adopt a slower pace of life while enjoying the profound connection with the Universe. On the other hand, some individuals may feel compelled to do something that contributes to the collective. This could be in the form of teaching, writing, or engaging with their local community.

For instance, following my spiritual awakening, I felt compelled to share my transformative experience during the dark night of the soul and write books that guide others toward self-compassion and mindfulness.

There is no right or wrong path. We simply follow the spiritual callings that resonate with our souls.

2. Your ego will return but it will not be the same as before.

Our egos are essential for our survival. It helps to protect us from danger and makes sure that our basic needs are tended to. After a spiritual awakening, the ego is still present, but it no longer holds the same power as before.

For example, when I started writing about my spiritual awakening experience, I encountered a resurgence of fears and doubts. I found myself questioning whether my experience would resonate with others and wondering if anyone would take the time to read it. However, this time around, I was aware of my ego and did not let my worries get in the way.

Before spiritual awakening, our egos act as a filter for the things that we experience. We are attached to certain beliefs and behaviors while rejecting anything that contradicts them. There is no gap between our ego and us. We are our egos.

However, after a spiritual awakening, we feel a space between our egoic self and our spiritual self. We are no longer rigidly attached to our belief systems. Instead, we are more open to accepting new ideas and perspectives, especially those from our intuition.

In essence, you are still you but with new awareness.

3. You realize you still have to deal with the human aspects of life.

Although you may have undergone a spiritual awakening, mundane aspects of life still remain. You are still human and have to deal with the day-to-day tasks that come along with it. This includes everything from work obligations to car repairs.

In my situation, despite feeling a strong urge to write my books, I also needed to support myself financially. As a result, I began offering tutoring services on the side. This arrangement provides me with the flexibility to prioritize my writing while ensuring a stable income to pursue my calling.

Dealing with the human aspects of life can be challenging for some people. But this is also the best spiritual practice one can do after spiritual awakening. There is a popular Zen saying, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” It means finding balance while taking care of your responsibilities.

Spiritual awakening is not about ignoring the material world but rather understanding how to integrate spirituality into your everyday life.

4. Emotional wounds from the past and old thinking patterns may resurface, disrupting your peace.

Even though spiritual awakening offers us a new perspective, our belief system is so ingrained in us that we are still prone to old thinking patterns. This means that our emotional wounds from the past may resurface at any time and disrupt the peace we felt from the awakening.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening, it is common to encounter ongoing struggles with emotions like anger, fear, and shame. These feelings can be triggered by various situations, particularly when interacting with others.

In my personal journey, I have found that despite developing greater compassion for others, I still occasionally experience frustration and annoyance. Moments of feeling unseen or unheard can also bring about a sense of melancholy. And that’s okay!

It is important to remember that our emotional wounds serve as reminders to continue our inner work. As you progress on your spiritual path, you will notice a gradual release of the hold your belief systems have on you.

If you are pushing your emotions aside, please read this post on spiritual bypassing.

5. You bounced back quickly despite all the challenges.

Emotional triggers and old thinking patterns can temporarily disconnect you from your spiritual self. But fear not, as you will quickly bounce back from these challenges.

From my personal experience, I often find myself snapped out of unconsciousness within a few hours. Even for the most challenging past wounds I have to confront, I always find my way back to the spiritual perspective by the end of the day. I may switch between the egoic and spiritual perspectives multiple times a day, but eventually, I will gravitate toward my spiritual self.

Once you have tasted the profound peace of spiritual awakening, there is no turning back. You can’t untaste what you have tasted. You will always have access to that state of being, and you can tap into it whenever you need. The deep peace is so deeply rooted within you that it will not waver even if you are experiencing intense emotions. It just patiently awaits your rediscovery.

6. Your energy field becomes more powerful.

As you continue on your spiritual path, you will also begin to notice a shift in your aura or energy field. Your auric field is constantly expanding and increasing its capacity to absorb more light. It becomes more vibrant and stronger as we let go of our egoic fears and beliefs.

Your electromagnetic field can become so powerful that even people around you will be able to feel it. As you embrace this newfound energy, you will naturally attract individuals who resonate with your vibration. Conversely, those who do not align with your light may feel repelled by your energy, potentially causing disruptions in existing relationships.

The more you grow spiritually, the more powerful your aura will become. As a result, you will be able to manifest and create in greater ways. You will also have access to higher states of consciousness, giving you the ability to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom more easily.

7. Another awakening awaits you.

The spiritual journey doesn’t end after you had your first awakening. It is just the beginning of a new cycle, and every time you awaken, it reveals more truths and gifts. Each level of growth brings profound insights that help to deepen your understanding of life and yourself.

Life unfolds endlessly. Your spiritual self will continue to evolve as you progress in your journey. Something new and amazing will always be revealed.

In my case, after my initial awakening, I encountered a fresh set of challenges aimed at releasing my outdated belief systems. The first awakening addressed my ego’s attachment to my career, while the second one addressed my ego’s impact on my relationship. Each awakening targets a unique aspect of personal growth, fostering transformation and self-discovery.

What to Do After a Spiritual Awakening?

1. Maintain your spiritual practice and explore new ones.

Keeping up with your spiritual practice is essential to maintain the connection you have established with yourself and the divine. Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or breathwork are excellent ways to stay connected and deepen your understanding of life and the universe.

It is also important to explore new practices and activities that can further open your heart and connect with your higher self. This could mean exploring a different type of spirituality, reading inspiring books, or attending lectures by spiritual speakers that resonate with you.

Here are seven types of spirituality you can explore.

2. Be mindful of your old thought patterns and triggers.

You may find yourself regressing to your old ways of thinking about certain topics or situations. Be aware of these triggers and try to divert your attention away from them so as to not get drawn back into the same patterns.

Remember you have a deep center that is unwavering. Whenever you are out of alignment, be aware of it and gently bring yourself back to your center. Doing it multiple times will help move away from your old habits and develop new ones.

3. Don’t judge yourself for falling back to your old, egoic ways.

If you find yourself stuck in the ego perspective or reverting to your old ways, remember that this is normal. It is okay to take three steps forward and one step back. It is just part of our transformation process.

Instead of judging yourself for being unconscious, try to be kinder and recognize the progress you have made thus far. Allow yourself time and space to integrate this new understanding of yourself and the world. It is important to take it easy and there will be highs and lows as you grow.

4. Clean your aura field and move your energy daily.

Spiritual hygiene is just as important as personal hygiene. We bathe and brush our teeth every day. Likewise, it is equally important to cleanse our aura regularly and move the stagnant energy that we have accumulated from stressful activities or circumstances.

This can be done through energy healing, meditation, Reiki healing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or any other form of energy work that you enjoy. Moving your energy helps to keep your vibration high and will make things easier as you go along this journey. It can also help you to keep your energetic system open and flowing.

5. Surrender and listen to your inner guidance.

Once you have come out of the spiritual awakening, it is important to maintain a sense of surrender in your life. Surrendering means releasing any resistance or attachments, allowing yourself to go with the flow of life, and trusting the Universe.

At the same time, listening to your inner guidance is equally important. Our intuition can be easily overlooked, but it is invaluable in this newly awakened state. Listen to your inner voice and act on the guidance that you receive. This will help keep you aligned with your true purpose in life.

Read this article to understand fully what a spiritual surrender is.

6. Connect with spiritually conscious individuals and show compassion for those who are yet to awaken.

Our spiritual journey can be lonely at times, and connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences can be extremely helpful. Surrounding yourself with spiritually conscious people will help to boost your energy levels and provide support whenever needed.

At the same time, it is also important to show compassion towards those who are yet to awaken. By seeing the divinity in everyone, even those who are not yet spiritually awakened, we can help to raise the collective vibration of humanity. This will make it easier for others to awaken too.

7. Welcome each experience with open arms.

Our spiritual journey is unpredictable and transformative. It is important to approach it with open-mindedness and embrace the experiences that come your way.

While some may be challenging, they offer valuable lessons about ourselves and the Universe. By welcoming each event as an opportunity for spiritual development, you can gain clarity and a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

It is also important to remind ourselves that each experience will bring something beautiful and meaningful into our lives even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Remember the spiritual path is not linear. It is a continuous cycle of expansion and growth. So if you step into another spiritual awakening cycle, be sure to welcome it and have trust in the Universe.

Final Thoughts

Life will never be the same again after you have spiritually awakened. You will have a new perspective on life and understand your connection to the Universe. You will appreciate the miracles that happen every day, and be more mindful of yourself and those around you.

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